Boris Di Chio


Boris Di Chio

Senior Interaction Designer at frog Milan Center of Excellence, works on design research and product definition, designing interactions for a wide range of digital channels with constant attention on finding the sweet spot between users’ needs and business feasibility.
In his 6+ years of experience with technology, digitally-enabled services and design systems, Boris has delivered products and services for several global sector-leading brands.
Since 2020 he has participated in teaching activities at TAG, IED and Unito.
Currently Design Mentor at Designlab UX academy and volunteering on ADPLIST.

Workshop - October 7th


Who said that delivering a digital product, especially on a large scale, is a simple matter? Obviously no one.
Tackle with your team all the stages of delivering a digital product, from business objective and user needs to design and development, facing challenges, unforeseen contingencies, budget cuts and crazy project managers, all enhanced by agile methodologies, design thinking and... the choices you’ll make.

We will show you the best practices we applied to complex design and delivery projects, following how our team faced the changes coming in, starting from the planning phase, going through the process setup, design and development activities till the product finalization.

You’ll be then engaged in exercises where we’ll ask you to implement discipline best practices, thinking to real cases where it’s normal to have unexpected events and plans need to be reconsidered, dealing with representatives of all the different team roles (PO, Dev, BA, Designer, Program Manager).

Join us in this session to learn how to deal with complex environments and get a digital product designed and developed with top quality!