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Claudia Cristina Pollina

Claudia is a Service Designer at Dipartimento per la Trasformazione Digitale, the italian government team that aims to improve digital services within the Public Administration. Intellectually curious person inspired by people, data, tests and research.
Previously she was an in-house designer for private sectors such as telco, automotive and smart-grid energy, where she contributed to enhance the design maturity through human centered design and system-thinking.
She believes in the power of communities and peer collaboration, thus she built the Service Design community in Milan.

Proudly mom of two, vegetarian and zero-waste practitioner.

Expertise: service design, user test and research, experience design, design methodologies and digital transformation.

Talk October 8th

Open practices to shape the transformation of the public administration

Developers Italia and Designers Italia offer design collaboration tools, open source solutions and community meet-ups to create quality, efficient and easy-to-use digital public services for all citizens. The two initiatives aim to foster the culture of design and a good and open source software practice within the public administration, facilitating a community of over 20,000 people composed of developers, designers, project managers, public servants, suppliers and enthusiasts.