Giulio Poggia


Giulio Poggia

Giulio Poggia is a Frontend Developer at Hinto. Initially trained in London as a classical pianist, he decided to take up the challenge and retrain to join the tech world.

He enjoys the creative side of development and is constantly researching and practicing new ways to create more visually-pleasing, interactive, and intuitive experiences.

Talk - October 8th

SVG Animations

SVGs are amazing. They're tiny. They're crisp. They're responsive. They also can be styled with CSS, are well supported, have a navigable DOM... And they can be animated!

So why aren't we using more of them?

This talk wants to encourage designers and developers to adopt SVGs more often and animate them to capture users' attention and guide interactions with apps.

We will talk about three different ways of animating SVGs:

  • Dear good old CSS for simple interactions and animations
  • LottieFiles for complex animations that allow designers and developers to collaborate more easily
  • GSAP library for complex, interactive animations and just about anything you can imagine!

Join me in sharing and spreading the love for Scalable Vector Graphics!