Grant MacInnes


Grant MacInnes

Grant MacInnes is a Reseller Channel Manager at Usercentrics, the company behind Cookiebot Consent Management Platform. He is committed to helping partners and their customers build a positive brand reputation online, enabling them to respect their users' privacy rights whilst protecting their advertising revenue and keeping their websites compliant with the latest privacy legislation.


Talk - How to create a beautiful digital experience to propel your data strategies

Are you struggling to create beautiful, high performing digital experiences while having a compliant website? Data privacy is not a fringe issue for online businesses any longer - it has become a core component of the digital economy that revolves around user consent and transparency. Throughout this talk, Grant and Richard will share how data privacy and end-user consent can propel data-driven businesses to new heights, how more and more companies are focusing on end-user consent, and how consent banner designs and customizability ensures higher opt-in rates - key aspects of creating beautiful digital experiences in the age of data privacy compliance.