Jacopo Moretto


After a few years as Frontend Developer, he began shaping digital experiences as UX Designer at Triplesense Reply.

He designed for many industries and digital channels: from e-commerces in the luxury market or onboard cruises to innovative interactive tables, AR and conversational chatbots.

Always passionate about new technologies is now excited to understand how AI and no-code tools can spark the work of the design team.

Talk - October 8th

Data, AI and design a love triangle that simply works

There is much talk about how artificial intelligence (AI) will change the role of design and creativity in the digital space to increase customer conversion rates.
In our session, we will explore how we leverage business data for what we call 'AI creative intelligence', our secret sauce for designing great customer experiences (and increasing ROI). 
Spoiler alert: humans, in this process, are not an option!