Marc Biemer


Marc Biemer

Marc is a digital designer, researcher and AMVR creator with over 6 years’ experience and a degree in Cognitive Systems & Interactive Media. He turns visions into meaningful, perceptible artifacts. Marc is a passionate, hands-on designer with an analytical mindset. His work is driven by curiosity, creativity and data. He finds joy in learning about and tinkering with new technologies, frameworks or tools. Throughout the years Marc has worked on a wide range of projects within various industries as well as academic research. Along the way he shaped the design of web shops and apps, the conception of AI-based services, and the development of mixed reality games for kids with autism.

Talk - October 8th

Designing a Mixed Reality Game Experience to foster Social Initiation in Children with Autism

Individuals affected by autism often, already at a young age, experience difficulties with social interaction and communication. 
Throughout his talk Marc will discuss his experiences with designing and developing Mixed Reality game interventions for children with autism. Marc will touch on how to approach working in a reality-virtuality continuum, the impacts of embodied cognition and virtual subjectiveness, as well as the particularities of designing for users with autism