Reshika Fernando


Reshika Fernando

Reshika Fernando is native from Sri Lanka but moved to Italy when she was 10. Since a young age she has been fascinated by visual communication and its great impact on people. During her years in high school studying in the Communication Technology, she has come across the concept of “Web Designing”: she fell in love and decided to study a degree in Communication and Graphic Design and gradually came up to-date.

Talk - October 8th

Talk - Goal Directed Design: take your product to the next level

We aim to show an end-to-end process where the design and front-end engineering teams collaborate and work together to ship an upgrade to one of our features. As a company design, development, and product team contributed to improving each other in the creation of a better product, implementing the MVP to share with the customers and iterate.With this new feature, we had a chance to review all our Personas, identify goals and objectives and make them a company standard, together with experimenting with React.js techniques to bring the code base to the next level.