richard van der velde


Richard van der Velde

Richard has been the Technical Support Lead for Cookiebot Consent Management Platform since 2019. He has more than 20 years of experience in Application Development and an additional 5 years of experience in Technical Support. Richard's core competency is finding solutions to complicated issues and relay them in an understandable manner to partners or customers directly, or by writing guides and/or technical documentation.


Talk - How to create a beautiful digital experience to propel your data strategies

Are you struggling to create beautiful, high performing digital experiences while having a compliant website? Data privacy is not a fringe issue for online businesses any longer - it has become a core component of the digital economy that revolves around user consent and transparency. Throughout this talk, Grant and Richard will share how data privacy and end-user consent can propel data-driven businesses to new heights, how more and more companies are focusing on end-user consent, and how consent banner designs and customizability ensures higher opt-in rates - key aspects of creating beautiful digital experiences in the age of data privacy compliance.